Better security starts with better engineering workflows.

We built Abbey Labs based on our experiences at:

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  • Arvil Nagpal

    Arvil Nagpal

    Co-Founder & CEO

    As Product Lead at Okta, Arvil was responsible for its automation suite, a $250MM ARR business. He led the launch of Okta's no-code platform, Okta Workflows, gaining 500+ enterprise customers in its first year.

    After working in identity for several years, Arvil saw the challenges Okta’s customers were facing with data access. Covid hit, the stock market imploded, and naturally Arvil decided it was time to scratch his entrepreneurial itch. 

  • Jeff Chao

    Jeff Chao

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Jeff led Change Data Capture at Stripe, enabling the data platform and user-facing products to work with over $640 Billion in payments annually. Previously at Netflix, Jeff and his team ensured video playback worked reliably at Petabyte scale.

    Throughout his career building data systems, Jeff has faced many access issues. After releasing a popular open-source project, Jeff decided it was time to launch a startup to address the issues with access (with his wife and dog’s blessing).

  • Chris Dinh

    Chris Dinh

    Software Engineer

    Chris previously worked at Nuro building out their Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator, and at Arista Networks on their Platforms team. His interests range from the top of the stack all the way through the floor into embedded.

    With his wide range of experience, Chris is looking forward to building the future of security.

  • Angie Song

    Angie Song

    Founding Engineer

    Angie previously worked on various teams at Okta for over a decade, ranging from writing frontend code in React.js to optimizing SQL queries to migrating systems in Java.

    Angie is excited to join Abbey Labs to build the future of identity.

Our Values
Computers are easy, but people are hard. We hope our values give you a sense for what it means to be part of the Abbey Labs team.
Our customers give us purpose
The company and it’s people work in service of our customers, to aid them on a path of improved security via increased automation.
Bias towards over-sharing
We all do better work when we have context to make the right decisions.
We’re a team
A successful team isn’t one with the best developers, or the strongest marketers, or savviest sales guys, but one that plays like a team, unselfishly.
We’re all owners
We seek our people to make the right decisions as owners and hope everyone channels this experience into starting their own company one day.